We provide best-in-class social media strategy, content development, and creative marketing campaigns to pop culture icons. AGENCY A CREATIVE & DIGITAL We are The Spellbound Group Our Philosophy We believe that having an authentic voice on the right platforms, combined with unique, original content helps timeless art reach new audiences organically. We believe that a robust digital campaign is most effective when it is integrated holistically into a broader effort to introduce new fans to the legacy of our clients.
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The digital agency for pop culture icons since 2010.

The Spellbound Group provides strategic digital marketing and content production services. We focus on achieving client objectives through community cultivation and activation. We believe that as an artist or brand serves as a social connector, both online and off, it will earn true fan loyalty. Through those communities, we build brand awareness and motivate consumers to action to achieve defined campaign goals.

We specialize in pop culture legacies and we understand how to bring classic art to new audiences using digital and mobile platforms while maintaining the authenticity of our clients’ creations.


With a combined thirty years experience in the music and entertainment industries, our team develops and executes holistic marketing campaigns to maximize the success of your release cycle. From social strategy and content development to media buys, online marketing, and creative activations, The Spellbound Group is your one-stop-shop for marketing solutions. 


From graphic design to gif creation, video editing to copywriting, we create bespoke content that is authentic to our clients while also remaining fresh and engaging for current audiences.

The Spellbound Group creates original digital activities to engage and delight fans new and old across the internet, and enhance the opportunity for our clients’ legacies to be discovered in new and innovative ways.
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